What Will I Study in the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration Program? 

Without a doubt, if you want to go into the healthcare administration field, the Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration is the degree you need. The program was designed to align with the requirements of two important organizations that set criteria for excellence in healthcare management education: the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education and the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. The courses in this program will teach you about ethics and culture, the law, health regulations and policy, quality, finance, strategic management and more. This degree opens doors and opportunities for advancement throughout the healthcare administration field.

What Courses Would I Take?
  • Introduction to the Healthcare Industry
  • The Culture and Ethics of Health Care
  • Legal Aspects of Health Care
  • Biblical Perspectives and the Christian Worldview
  • Health Regulations and Policy
  • Quality Initiatives and Health Administration
  • Financial Management in Health Care
  • Strategic Management in Health Care
  • Introduction to Health Management Information Systems and Informatics
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Introduction to Long Term Care Management
  • Palliative Care and Hospice Care

What Does a Bachelor's Degree Cost, and How Long Does It Take?

U.S. News and World Report offers the following on costs for healthcare administration degrees:

Per-credit costs for an online bachelor’s in healthcare administration can range from $165 to $900 per hour. The total cost for a degree is likely to be between $50,000 and $85,000.

Trevecca Online’s Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration is a program that helps you finish a degree, and therefore assumes you have at least 40 college credit hours either from an associate degree or another undergraduate institution. With Trevecca, you would need 36 credit hours to complete your bachelor's in healthcare administration. At $395 per credit hour, completing your degree would cost a total of $14,220 in tuition costs and could be completed in just 18 months.


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What Do I Need to Apply?

Because Trevecca's Bachelor's of Health Care Administration program is a degree-completition program its admissions requirements are somewhat different than other four-year programs. 

Acceptance into this program requires the following:

  • At least 40 credit hours from an accredited institution (What's an accredited institution?)
  • Cumulative 2.0 GPA on all prior college-level coursework
  • Some proficiency with computer technology and reliable access to technology throughout the program

How Does Going to School Online Work?

Online classes are a great way for busy adults to go to school without having to make huge sacrifices to your family, work and community responsibilities. 

Learn more about how going to school online works.